Setting up your NEEO for the first time

In this article, we will cover how to setup your NEEO Brain right out of the box!

  Unboxing your NEEO!

  NEEO Brain + NEEO Remote                                 NEEO Accessories

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Itemized list

  1. NEEO Remote
  2. NEEO Brain
  3. Ethernet Cable
  4. NEEO IR Extender
  5. USB Power cables (x2)
  6. AC Adapter (x2)
  7. NEEO Docking Station

Setting up your NEEO:

  • Ensure your smartphone is connected to your 2.4Ghz WiFi network
  • Download and then open NEEO app
  • Tap on "Set Up Your NEEO" and follow the onscreen instructions

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  • The app will ask you to connect an ethernet cable to the back of the NEEO Brain and into an open numbered port on your router. If you have multiple access points and or switches, try plugging the NEEO Brain into your main router only for the initial setup
    • In some cases, you will have to try and plug the ethernet into different AP's to get through the initial setup or rebooting your router always helps in case you can't get past the initial setup
  • The NEEO Brains LED will flash white for a minute or two, when the LED is solid white tap on the "Next" button located in the upper right-hand corner
  • Your NEEO Brain will now scan your network so you can create your NEEO account
  • Once you have created your NEEO account, you can choose the location of your NEEO Brain and begin to add your devices as shown in the screenshots below:

IMG_AC439EBE88B1-1.jpeg IMG_2982.PNG IMG_2983.PNG

  • When you add a Tv to your NEEO you will be asked if your Tv is your tuner or if you have a set-top box
  • It's important to note that if you do have a set-top box, but you also use your Tv for its smart Tv functions (streaming NetFlix etc..) you want to select "Yes, use this Tv as my tuner"
  • If you do not use your Tv for its Smart Tv functions and you do have a set-top box, tap on "No, I have a set-top box"

IMG_2984.PNG IMG_2985.PNG IMG_83BFCC5B2CE8-1.jpeg

  • Tap on "Done" and you will be directed to app's home screen where you will see your cable box with a red circle and white exclamation point
  • Tap on the icon and follow the onscreen instructions, we will now teach NEEO how your set-top box is wired to your Tv

IMG_2987.PNG IMG_2988.PNG IMG_2991.PNG

  • When you select the input your set-top box is connected to on your Tv, your Tv will change inputs so you have visual confirmation you are selecting the correct input :)
  • Once you tap on "NEXT" you will be all set to have a good time! 
  • When you're back to the home screen you will see your DirecTv with a Yellow circle and white exclamation point which only denotes that you simply need to add your favorite channels
  • Tap on the DirecTv icon so you can begin using your NEEO!

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Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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