Which DVB-S/C/T boxes does NEEO support?

If you have an IR remote for your device, then the NEEO Brain can "learn" the commands from it!

Of course, we may already have the IR codes to control your device. Be sure to enter your device on the Works with NEEO page to see if it's already supported.

Here's the current line-up. Remember that we will continuously add more devices.

ADB, Allvision, Amiko, AOL TV, Arcon, Arion, Austar, Auvisio, Avanit, Axas, AZBox, Bell, Boca, Broadcom, Cablecom, CISCO, Cobra, ComAG, Comcast, D-Link, Denver, Denver Electronics, Digimax, Digiquest, Digiquest, Dilog, DION, Directv, Dish, Dream Multimedia, Dreambox, Dyon, Eagke Kingdom, EasyOne, Elanvision, Entone, Eutra, Fantec, Ferguson, Finepass, Fortis, Foxtel, Free Sat, Freebox, Freeview, Fuba, Geniatech, GigaBlue, GigaBox, Golden Media, Handan, Hauppauge, Homecast, Huawei, Hughes, Humax, I-Can, Iconbit, ID Sat, Intek, Jiuzhou, Jynxbox, Kabel Austria, Kabel Deutschland, Kaon Media, Kathrein, Kathrein, König, Kworld, Lenuss, LG, Linkbox, LogiSat, LuMen, Medion, Megasat, Megastar, Meteoriet, Micro, Mirage, Motorola, Moxi, MyBox, NanoXX, NDS, Netgear, New Line Electronic, Nokia, Octacon, Open Tech, Opticum, Orbitech, Pace, Palcom, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Proview, Quickline, Sagem, Sagemcom, Samsung, Schwaiger, Scientific Atlanta, SemBox, Set One, Siemen, Sky, Skymaster, Smart, Soro, Strong, Sunrise, SVS, Swisscom, Tatung, Technicolor, TechniSat , Technomate, TekComm, Teleclub, Telergy, Telestar, TelSky, Terratec, Thomson, Time Warner, TiVo, Topfield, Trekstor, Triax, Unitymedia, Vantage, Venton, Virgin Media, Vizyon, VU+, Wilmaa, WISI, Xoro, Xtrend, Youview, Zattoo, Zehnder

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