Optimal placement of your NEEO Brain

The NEEO Brain features several major home automation RF standards out of the box. To control any devices via RF, the brain must be in range of them. It’s best to keep the brain away from radio-reflecting materials such as metal and glass.

When controlling infrared equipment (like most consumer AV devices) the NEEO brain must be in line-of-sight. This is quite easy to achieve as the brain features a 360° IR design. Typically having the brain placed somewhere in the same room is already enough to do a good job. Anyway, make sure that no obstacles are blocking the infrared receiver from the device that you want to control.
If you have devices hidden in a cabinet place the separate IR extender that comes with every brain inside of your cabinet. This extender also features 360° of infrared coverage. That way your gear inside and outside of cabinets are covered.

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