Adding your AVR or soundbar to NEEO

In this article, we will cover how to add your AVR to an existing recipe. 

  1. Add your AVR to your NEEO the same way you added your previous devices. Be sure to add the "AVR" version if you will not use the AVR's radio function. 
  2. Open the NEEO app and tap on settings (Located on the upper right-hand corner "☰")
  3. Tap on 'Devices' > locate your media recipe, ie. Apple Tv, Cable, etc. and tap on it > tap on 'Reset wiring' > tap on 'Yes' > and tap on 'Done.'
  4. When you tap on done, the app will direct you back to the home screen. Tap on the room that your media device is located in. You will see your media device with a red circle and white exclamation point. 
  5. Tap on your media device and the NEEO app will let you know that there is one more step needed to get your media device working. In Planet NEEO we call this the "Cable salad." Tap on 'Next.'
  6. You will be prompted with two diagrams as shown in the following screenshot:IMG_5206.PNG
    1. Select the first diagram if your media device is connected to your new AVR and tap 'Next.'
    2. The cable salad will now need to know what input your new AVR is utilizing on your Tv. In this case, we will say the AVR ,is connected to the Tv's HDMI 1 input: IMG_5208.PNG
    3. NEEO will need to know what input on the AVR is your media device connected to and in this case, we will use 'Input DVD 1'.
    4. IMG_5209.PNG
    5. After you select the input and tap on 'Next,' you will be finished and set to have a good time.


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