I added my device and I don't see it!

You added a few devices and did not see them listed in the NEEO app. .' is normal and no need to fret ;).

Devices such as AVR's and Soundbars along with accessories will not show up in the NEEO app under the room you placed them in. These devices are typically not utilized as "Stand-alone devices." Meaning they need something else such as an Apple Tv or Blu-Ray player for them to work. During the cable salad, NEEO will identify your devices and prompt with questions about your setup:


After you have completed the cable salad, you will see your media device (In this case we are using an 'Apple Tv') in the NEEO app's home screen under the room you placed it in.


Notice how the AVR is not present, this is by default because the only time you will use your AVR (in this case) is when you trigger the Apple Tv recipe. NEEO will automatically know that your AVR controls the sound from the Apple Tv. 

If you use your AVR or soundbar as standalone devices, all you need to do is unhide them, and they will appear in the room you placed them in via the NEEO app. 

  1. Open the NEEO app and tap on settings; this is the hamburger menu located on the upper right-hand corner (☰). 
  2. Tap on 'Recipes' and tap on 'Next'. You will see the following screen with a list of devices:IMG_5212.PNG
  3. The AVR is toggled in white. Tap the toggle icon on the AVR, and you will see the following:IMG_5213.PNG
  4. Tap on 'Show on home screen' button, and you will be presented with your AVR's own recipe. Here you can add a step such as "Send Input Bluetooth."

You will now see your AVR in the NEEO app home screen :).


Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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